Training Help for Cyclists and Walkers

For those of you embarking on the Ridgeway Walk or the Bike Ride From S to N for Community Week, remember there’s training plans, plus hints and tips available to help you get into top shape for your event. Others contemplating a long distance cycle or walk may find these sources of information useful too.

These could be just what you need to help you get started, or keep up your motivation and inspire you to get outdoors this Easter despite what the weather forecast says!

Global Adventure Challenges, the Ridgeway Walk organisers have put together a trekking tips guide to help walkers prepare for the event. This also has useful tips on footwear and warming up exercises as well as a week by week training plan. Note that this guide is covers participants embarking on both the 26 and 52 mile trek.

From S to N has two training plans put together specifically for Smiths News by Andy Cook Cycling. One is suitable for beginners and the other for intermediates. We’ll also be catching up with some of the team members from last year’s From A to B to see how they prepared for their challenge.

NB the information in these links is geared to the specific events concerned, so please don’t use them as gospel for other challenges you might be undertaking. You will need to adapt them for your needs, though the general advice given and steady build up of training shown are relevant for any long distance event.

You will also find links to all the training information on the Documents page.

Happy Easter everyone, no matter how active or inactive you’re planning to be!

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