A Message From Mark Cashmore

Mark Cashmore, CEO Smiths NewsI’ve been most impressed how you’ve all have taken Community Week to your hearts and extended it well beyond the last week in June originally envisaged. Your hard work, the number of events held and their variety does you credit, as does the extent in which you exceeded last year’s target of £50,000.

2012 has only just begun, but I see the fundraising for this year has already started and the thermometer has begun to rise towards the £70,000 target. It’s therefore an appropriate time for me to announce that Smiths News are delighted to help you reach this year’s goal.

For every item of fundraising news published in this, the online version of Dispatches, Smiths News will make a donation of £20 towards your chosen charity. So get started now with your event planning, complete a publicity form and email it to Kerrie Colford to get your donation.

I wish you well with this year’s Community Week and I look forward to reading all your news in Dispatches.

Editor’s note: fundraising events held from September 1st 2011 onwards are eligible. So get cracking with those publicity forms and tell us your news!

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