Community Week 2012 is GO!

Are you ready? …Steady? …Then let’s GO!

A selection of 2011 fundraising events

2011 saw all kinds of fundraising capers

This year’s Community Week runs from Monday 25 to Friday 29 June, where we aim to build on the success of last year’s fundraising total of £72,620. As you smashed last year’s target of £50,000 so magnificently, £70,000 is the total to aim for 2012. You’ll see the thermometer to the right shows we’ve had a great start already and now it’s up to you to set the temperature soaring upwards!

We’ve also been doing a spot of spring cleaning here to give you a fresh new look in readiness for this year’s events. The main change is the rename to Dispatches, a title which should be familiar to you already.

A second set of fundraising ideas

Need inspiration? Here’s a few more ideas!

In the coming weeks and months we’ll be bringing you news of your fundraising activities and to provide the support you need to do so. You’ve asked for more fundraising ideas – well you have them right here!

Have a look through the pictures in this post for inspiration plus last year’s news and you’ll see there were all kinds of fundraising events last year. If you’d like to hone your search a bit further, have a look at the Categories list on the right. It’s a drop down box which lists all of the kinds of  fundraising events held thus far. Click on the one you like the look of and you can then read through all the relevant news.

In the meantime, here’s just a few ideas as your starter for 10:

  • Sharing food always goes down well and providing breakfast bacon butties (try saying that quickly!) proved popular at the end of a night’s shift. Cake sales also went down a treat.
  • You took part in all kinds of sporting challenges: 5-a-side football, walking, running, cycling to name but four, not to mention last year’s challenging group fundraiser: From A to B. Stay tuned for news of another challenge (or two) along these lines…
  • Taking part in a local event such as having a stall at a fete was another good idea and Wednesbury went even further by putting on a whole one of their own.
  • Appearance also featured strongly, whether it was dressing up or down for the office; pampering and beauty treatments; growing a moustache, or having pink hair!
Are you set for this year's challenge like they were last year?

Are you set for this year’s challenge like they were last year?

We also have a new Fundraising Pack, which is another source of great ideas and major fundraising events to link into. We’ll provide further ideas plus fundraising hints and tips over the next few weeks – you can help by telling us about yours in the comments below. Great ideas should be shared!

Community Week is an opportunity for all employees to get involved with their local communities, whether through fundraising events, volunteering or other activities.  The week has the full support of the Executive Management team and every location is encouraged to take part.

Each location has a Community Champion, who’ll be able to answer any questions you  have. The above link takes you to the full list of them – note this might be a different person to last year.

There's lots of ways to raise that cash!

There’s lots of ways to raise lots of lovely cash for charity!

It’s never too early to start planning what you’re going to do for Community Week, and don’t forget you can begin fundraising earlier.

From now until July we will be posting regular updates here on how Community Week is progressing – so why not sign up for an email update (see the signup box on the right) so you don’t miss all the latest news?

Don’t forget we need your news of what’s happening to feature here on this blog. Use the Publicity Form to tell us everything about your plans – both before and after your event. Remember to include your photos of all the best bits!

Get in touch and tell us all about your event!

Get in touch and tell us all about your event!

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