Charity Handiwork – Can You Help?

Does your New Year’s activities include having a good tidy up and clear out? Then you may be able to help Jacqueline Bunnett with her fundraising…

Charity Handiwork can you help?

Jai and Jess helping out on the stall

Jacqueline Bunnett from the data management team in Swindon is using her enviable handicraft skills to raise money for her two favourite animal charities.

In September,  Jacqueline made her debut as a fundraiser with a stand at an event organised by Torbay Animals in Distress, selling her handmade patchwork baby cot quilts, pram quilts, soft toys, bags, cushions and many more items. She also plans to raise funds for the Swindon and District Animal Haven.

These two charities are close to my heart. Jai, our wonderful three-year-old border collie, came from Torbay and our eight-year-old collie Jess came from the Swindon animal Rescue Centre. 

Both dogs provide my family with lots of pleasure, and Jess is even trained to help with my epilepsy. If I have an epileptic fit, she will nuzzle me and lick my face to reassure me when I come round from the attack, which can leave me confused and frightened. As you can imagine this gives me a lot of confidence when I am on my own.

Without the hard work of charities like these two, many animals would be left to fight for survival due to neglect, abuse, or the changing circumstances of their owners.

If you would like to help Jacqueline’s fundraising efforts she is appealing for donations of
cotton and polycotton fabrics for her patchwork products.

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  1. Mark Cashmore says:

    Good to see you’re supporting one of the charities local to Wakefield House, Jacqueline.

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